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Driveway Repair and SEAL COATING Service

Joseph M. Ferguson Landscaping, L.L.C. also offers driveway seal coating service. We offer 3 different packages to help meet your needs and budget. (SEE BELOW)

What is Seal Coating?

Driveway seal coating is a process of applying a water-based aspault sealer/protectant material or other similiar product to a driveway to help protect and enhance the driveways appearance.

Why Seal Coat?

Seal coating your driveway is very important for 2 reasons and they are cosmetic appearance and prolonging the life of the driveway. It is very important to Seal coat your driveway every 2-3 years. By seal coating your existing driveway, you give it that dark clean look to greatly enhance the cosmetic appearance. However, its not only reccomended to be done for cosmetic reasons, but seal coating can extend the life of your driveweay many years. Over time driveways can crack and break apart in spots but when you seal coat you also patch and fill cracks and problem areas. This prevents water from getting into the cracks and under the driveway where it can freeze and crack it even more in cold weather. Additionally, the seal coat itself will help to seal and protect the entire driveway to preseve it life span. Overall, by extending the lifespan of your driveway, with seal coating every 2-3 years, you can save alot of money and avoid a very costly expense of having to install an entirely new driveway sooner that you have to.

We can do the following work to any asphault driveway:

-patch holes

-fill cracks

-other repairs

-clean/scrub/powerwah the surface

-degrease the surface

-prime grease stains

-seal coat the driveway

Basic Service

1- Blow debris from driveway

2- Seal Coating of your driveway Only

Plus Service

1- All basic services above and...

2-Cleaning the driveway prior to seal coating:

- Scrub driveway with hard bristle brush and cleaner/powerwash driveway to clean and remove dirt so seal coat can better adhere to surface

- clean driveway with a degreaser to help break apart and remove grease/oil stains with can prevent seal coat from proper adhesion and cause it to flake off in thos onto areas

- prime remaining oil spots with primer material to cover up those hard to remove grease areas to seal coat can adhere over the top of them on the primer

Full Service

1- All plus services above and...

2- Repairs/prep work (as needed) prior to Seal coating:

- fill smaller cracks with liquid based filler/calk-like driveway filler

- fill larger cracks with paste driveway filler material

- fill larger holes with cold patch asphault material

- remove and replace very large problem areas with new aspault- material