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Landscape Maintenance Services

We provide a wide range of landsape maintenance services to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Our services are shown below. Please call or email us for more information on products, current promotions and custom service options.

** We also offer seasonal maintenance packages to help you maintain all aspects of your landscape from mowing to mulching and more. Having a maintenance packages will assure that we get all of your needed services done for you in a timely fashion, as needed. This way we can can take care of what needs to be done, leaving you time on the weekends to do whatever you want and not having to worry about cutting the lawn or maintaining your landscape. **

See below or a detailed explanation of some of our maintenance services offered:

Grass cutting
Weekly lawn mowing includes cut, edge, trim and blowing surfaces and bed areas clean


Mulch can be applied in a variety of colors and textures to help cosmetically enhance your planting beds as well as help to retain moisture for plants, insulate plant roots and help to control weed growth

Spring/Fall Leaf clean-ups

Clean-ups help clear the lawn, beds and property of leaves, sticks and debris which can smother the lawn if not properly cleaned and removed each spring and fall season

Bush, shrub and Hedge trimming

Trimming and pruning at the right times throughout the season can help help to keep shrubs manicured and maintained


Weeding of mulched bed areas can not only keep the beds looking neat and clean but also help eliminate weeds that can smother and strangle healthy plants

Tree pruning

Minor pruning of tree limbs and shaping of small ornamental trees

Stump removal

Removal of old tree stumps by grinding stump and surface roots below the soil surface

Brush clearing/removal

All types of brush clearing from removing a single unwanted bush to clearing out a completely overgrown yard